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Inspire’s knowledgeable and courteous personal trainers can assist you in crafting a program tailored specifically for you and will help you achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Whether it is traditional or functional training, pre/post rehabilitation therapy, pad work, weight loss or overall well being, we take pride in working with clients across the entire health and fitness spectrum.

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James Reedman

Fun Cardio

James is a professional MMA fighter (picking up his most recent win at Bamma 34 view that fight here!), personal trainer and specializing in sport specific strength and conditioning programmes, weight loss and total body transformations. James has a personal belief that all people can benefit from being active and participating in sport at any level or ability. He has been fortunate enough to train all over the world in many disciplines such as jujitsu, MMA and K1 competitions and is an active part of many current and future UFC stars fight camps. James lives his life by the motto, “once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results”.


Dave Hughes

I developed a passion for health and fitness at a young age getting involved in the Gym environment as soon as I was 16.  My focus has always been functional fitness and I enjoy pushing myself to both my physical and mental limits, from Tough Mudder to competing in Boxing.  Prior to qualifying in 2010 as a PT I worked in an office environment and have run my own business so know how to maximise your time to get the most out of your workout!  Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, manage your weight or you’re training for a specific sport/event I can help having to make weight for my own competitions I am very experienced with building programs where adjusting weight levels is key.My clients range from the age of 11 up to the age of 73 and range from Athletes competing for events to individuals who just want to look and feel healthier.

There’s always a way, it’s just knowing what to do and how to do it and when it comes to fitness I will help you reach your full potential.

Areas of expertise

Strength & Conditioning

Nutrition and Weight Management


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Boxfit Instructor


Erin Harris

Erin Harris

I know from experience that a few changes to diet and lifestyle can have an enormous impact on your mood, your health, your mental clarity and overall energy to manage the demands of a busy family life and career. I help clients save time and frustration by simplifying the often confusing and contradictory diet fads and quick fix online resources. With each session you will takeaway clear, concise and easy to understand diet and lifestyle changes to immediately put into practice. It's not the big moves that make lasting change, it's the small everyday adjustments that accumulate to help reach your sustainable health goals. Let's get started together!


Sonny Marrs

Sonny Marrs

When it comes to health and fitness I’ve always been driven to bring out the best in people and to inspire them to exceed their physical, and sometimes mental, limitations. I work with people from all walks of life - whether they be fully fledged professional athletes, or the person opposite you on the tube chasing their own personal dreams – because no single person’s goals are any more important than another’s or your own!

Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Certified, Kettlebell Training Certified, Group Training Certified, Nutritional Advisor Certified.



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